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Utility Regulation, litigation, and arbitration; Renewable Energy Development

Burns Day & Presnell, P.A.’s lawyers represent businesses and public utility companies involved in the telecommunications, water, sewer, electric and renewable energy industries. This representation includes regular appearances and practice before the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority. Our lawyers also represent clients in matters before the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The firm also represents our communications, public utility and alternative energy clients in commercial litigation.

The firm’s clients include:

  • Incumbent local exchange companies
  • Competitive local exchange companies
  • Commercial mobile radio service providers
  • Natural gas companies
  • Water and sewer companies
  • Hydroelectric generators
  • Landfill gas and similar waste-to-energy ventures

Our lawyers provide the firm’s clients with seasoned business and regulatory advice and insights on a broad variety of subjects, including negotiating and arbitrating interconnection agreements for telecommunications clients, and regulatory, marketing and legislative issues.